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Family Therapy

Is your family going through a difficult time?  Are you grieving the painful loss of a loved one? Are you and your spouse going through a  separation or divorce and your kids are falling apart? Is a family member struggling with addiction and it is negatively impacting the whole family? Have you stopped talking to your mother because of an old fight and now it’s been 6 months since you last spoke or saw each other?  

If your family is struggling you are not alone.  Family therapy can look like as little at two people in a therapy session such as a grown daughter and her mother working on life-long relationship issues to a five person family struggling to get through the loss of child or sibling. Whatever challenge your family is facing, you don’t have to try to fix it by yourself.  Family therapy can help you get through the challenge and come out stronger on the other end.

Family Therapy Issues I Work with:

  • Divorce support
  • Conflict with other family members
  • Emotional distance between a parent and child
  • Support through tough transition such as unemployment, illness, move to a new city, birth of a new baby
  • Substance abuse impact on family members
  • Grief and Loss
  • Caretaker burnout
  • Parent support for challenging kids
  • Chronic or terminal illness and it’s impact on the family
  • Traumatic event and it’s impact on the family