My First Radio Interview!

I had a very cool experience yesterday being interviewed live on national radio about what I do as a marriage and family therapist.  I had no idea what the interviewer was going to ask me and frankly I was pretty nervous about a live recording!  It got me thinking about how I stepped outside of my comfort zone and did something completely new and a bit scary.  I try to make it a regular habit to do something new everyday.  That is how we grow! What have you done lately to get outside your comfort zone? Do you do the same thing day in and day out but are surprised and even frustrated that you aren't getting the change you want?   What I have learned is that change only happens when we actively participate in doing something new; something outside of our own status quo. That's why people come to see me.  They want change in their marriage or change in their relationship with their children or change in their life in some capacity.  Making changes on your own is hard.  It takes stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing something you wouldn't normally do.  That's why so many people benefit for therapy.  Having a therapist walk you through the steps of getting out of your comfort zone and hold you accountable can make change more within reach. So go ahead!  Try something new today!  Make that call. Take that leap of faith. Do what scares you the most because you know its the right thing to do.  Don't waste another day living in your status quo where no change is possible.  You are worth the effort! Here is the link to my interview.  Happy listening!